Vanessa of Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, offering astrology readings and more

Whether you’re vanlifing, glamlifing or just DIYing life your own unique way, you’re riding the rollercoaster of life’s ups and downs like the rest of us. And you could probably use some helpful guidance from time to time. Luckily, I happen to be a certified astrologer with a lifelong passion for unlocking the secrets of the natal chart.

What I love most about astrology is that it’s simply one of the best tools for self-discovery that there is. You’re born into this life with what some call a blueprint of your soul. Decoding the language of your chart gives you greater insight into what makes you tick: your unconscious motivations, aspirations and why you like, dislike or attract the things you do. My goal for our reading is to help you gain a better self-understanding as we piece together some of the puzzle and explore the greater meaning of your story. You’ll learn how to make the most of your strengths, work through your challenges with greater ease, and to hone in on your purpose. I’ll take a look at some transits as well, to give you heads up about what might be coming down the pipe. Think of it as gaining an edge on life.

I also do compatibility readings and can use Astrolocality to help you find your sweet spots to move or travel to.

Drop me a line for my rates and with any questions you have about your reading!

“My chart read was so utterly comprehensive that she was able to explain things that my conscious mind hadn’t even formulated a question for yet! Her knowledge, her vocabulary, her empathy, and candidness make her a true expert in her field. This reading really helped ground me and plan for my spiritual and emotional goals over the next year.” – Aditi Shalome Rudra

“The great part about this reading for me is that it brings out parts of my life to talk about and then reflect on that I don’t normally discuss with other people. The universe is an amazing place and I feel that some sort of guidance is needed. Vanessa continues to inspire me to think about things I don’t normally take time to think about.” – John Neill



Shane of Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, offering vanlife vehicle conversion and repair, and more

Shane’s a man of many talents with a wealth of knowledge to share, so drop him a line to ask about the following consulting services:

Are you navigating your way around your first van or truck conversion? Shane has you covered. What he realized in the early research phase of the KKBB vanbuild was that there were hardly any people out there sharing videos about their vanbuild who had a construction background. As a Canadian, Red Seal-certified electrician with a commercial construction background, Shane has a unique perspective on van conversions and doing your build properly from the ground up. He also is a self-taught mechanic (from a father who is certified) and has used his ingenuity to create our heating and plumbing systems. Through a lot of trial and error, he’s come up with solutions to all of the vanlife issues that tend to arise and can help you get started.

Are you curious about this thing called cryptocurrency that everyone’s talking about but, if we’re going to be honest, feels like this elusive, hard-to-comprehend riddle? Shane’s been heavily involved in the world of cryptocurrency since Silk Road and MT Gox. He’s been involved in every facet, from building his own mines to investing and managing crypto portfolios. He also trades in the stock markets. Reach out if you’d like to create a side income from trading and investing or learn the fundamentals of crypto.